About Shenyang

About Shenyang, China

Shenyang is the capital of the northeastern province of Liaoning and the largest city in northern China by urban population (8.1 million).

It is known for its status as a leading industrial, commerce, and trade city. It is also home to impressive aspects of Chinese history that span thousands of years and include recent events that have shaped China's place in the global theater.

Shenyang has been given the title of "National Environmental Protection Model City" and "National Forest City", and was awarded one of the Top Ten Cities in China for two years running.


Shenyang is located in the center of Liaoning province. It is named for its position in relation to the Hun River (formally the Shen River). China's capital, Beijing, which sits to the southwest of Shenyang, can be reached by high-speed train on the Beijing–Harbin HSR in under 4 hours.

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Top Reasons to Visit Shenyang

1) 72-hour Visa Free City: For travelers transiting China via Shenyang's International Airport, Shenyang is an excellent city to plan a brief stop for an introductory trip to China's northeast.
2) Northern Experience: The atmosphere in northeastern China varies greatly when compared with China's southern cities. Experience the warmth of the Dongbei (northeast) accent, cuisine, and people on your visit to Shenyang.
3) Ancient History: Shenyang was the seat of the Manchu-led Qing Dynasty (1644–1912), and briefly the capital of China. The Shenyang Palace and Qing Emperor tombs are UNESCO World Heritage and very popular with tourists.
4) Modern Expansion: With government investment, Shenyang has grown exponentially in recent years. Strong connections with foreign companies such as BMW, have led to an increase in foreigners and modern attractions.

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